How to Clear Data From a Razr?

Answer The Motorola Razr is a clam shell style cell phone with an array of features including a camera, Bluetooth connectivity and a WAP browser. But this phone's more outstanding characteristic is its sh... Read More »

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What do I use to transfer everything from one Razr to another Razr cell phone?

You can use either a USB cable or a Bluetooth to connect your Razr to a computer. Once connected, you can use Motorola Phone Tools to transfer your information, including pictures, onto your comput... Read More »

How can I automatically clear non numeric data from a column in excel?

I am unaware of any "automatic" method of clearing non-numeric data.Also, I am unsure as to the actual type of data, whether it is: • Some cells having numeric and some having non-numeric. â€... Read More »

How to Clear Data on a Palm Z22?

If your Palm Z22 PDA isn't working correctly and a soft reset doesn't fix the problems, you can perform a hard reset to clear all the data on the device and start from scratch. Doing a hard reset c... Read More »

How to Clear All Private Data on a MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro laptops run the Mac OS X operating system. Mac OS X is based on UNIX and is considered "UNIX-like." All UNIX-like systems have the concept of user accounts to separate each user's data ... Read More »