How to Clear Computer Codes on a Chevy Truck?

Answer Modern trucks have onboard computer systems that help alert you when there is trouble in the vehicle. When there is a problem, your truck's check engine light will go on. The trouble codes can be r... Read More »

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How Do I Read Computer Codes on a 1997 Chevy Truck?

Reading the engine codes on a 1997 Chevy truck was standardized with the implementation of on-board diagnostics 2 (OBD-II) in 1996. This allowed repair stations and dealership service centers to us... Read More »

How to Clear Codes on a Sterling Truck?

The check engine lights on a sterling truck will not go off until you reset the diagnostic computer. Service lights warn the driver of service that is needed on the truck, and warn of error codes t... Read More »

How to Clear Trouble Codes on a Ford Truck?

All Ford trucks produced from 1996 on use an onboard diagnostics called OBDII. The OBDII constantly completes diagnostic scans of your Ford truck and monitors for any issues. If it notices an issue... Read More »

How to Clear the Codes on a Chevy Tahoe?

A fault code must be cleared from a Tahoe's diagnostic system once the vehicle has been serviced. If the fault code is not wiped, the warning light on the dashboard will stay on. Wiping the fault... Read More »