How to Clear Coat Your Car?

Answer A clear coat on a car gives it a new, fresh look, and it protects the paint job from the elements. If you are refinishing your car or are looking to customize a vehicle, the clear coat is applied a... Read More »

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How to Scuff Old Clear Coat to Apply New Clear Coat?

Reapplying new clear coat to a car or boat results in a shiny new finish that protects the paint beneath. Before you can apply the new coating, you must remove the shiny finish from the old surface... Read More »

How to Fix a Scratch in the Clear Coat of Your Car?

It has happened to us all. A cart at the supermarket comes out of nowhere and crashes into your car. A mean-spirited person runs a key along the paint of your car. A number of scenarios can lead to... Read More »

How to Redo the Clear Coat on Your Car?

The modern two-stage painting process involves a color coat followed by a clear coat. This is theoretically a good way to make a durable finish on vehicle. The trouble with the process is that the ... Read More »

How to Spot-Repair the Paint Base Coat and Clear Coat?

Popular Mechanics offers some assurance for those who find ghastly scratches on their cars: Many of these scratches can be repaired with some buffing and sanding. In general, most car scratches pen... Read More »