How to Clear All Private Data on a MacBook Pro?

Answer MacBook Pro laptops run the Mac OS X operating system. Mac OS X is based on UNIX and is considered "UNIX-like." All UNIX-like systems have the concept of user accounts to separate each user's data ... Read More »

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If I clear the private data on my computer (including cookies) can other ppl see that i use porn?

maybe .. it depends on if theres any files or pics anywhere .. check out recent docs ur temp folders .. history ...

How to Clear My Old MacBook?

MacBooks run the Apple Mac OS X operating system. After the MacBook has been used for a while, it begins to accumulate personal and system files. Like any other computer system, the more files it a... Read More »

How to Clear the Cache Off Your MacBook Pro?

The cache on your MacBook Pro is a trove of temporary Internet files, cookies and form data that your computer stores in order to speed up communication with websites. While the cache plays an impo... Read More »

Just bought a macbook pro and the youtube videos are not clear?

As above but also update the Flash Player....