How to Clear Air From a Propane Hose?

Answer Propane tanks need to be air-free for safety reasons, but it’s sometimes easy to forget the needs of the propane hose. Air bubbles trapped in the propane line can make you suffer a temporary inte... Read More »

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What type of hose is used for propane?

In metalwork, T grade hose is used for propane or any welding fuel. Propane, like most fuels other than acetylene, tends to degrade some types of rubber. T hose is designed to resist this effect. T... Read More »

How to Clear a Clogged Vacuum Hose?

When you're using your vacuum to sweep your house, it's easy to get a clog in the hose. Clumps of dirt, pet hair, human hair, string and small toys can all cause clogs. Whenever you notice that you... Read More »

How to Apply Clear Nail Polish on Hose?

There’s nothing more irritating than putting on a new pair of pantyhose and noticing a hole or run in them moments later. At that point, you must repair them, change into a new pair, or risk havi... Read More »

What tool can I use to clear a clogged vacuum cleaner hose?

I tried everything listed and was not completely successful. Moisten the stuff inside with water if it is the type of material that would soften and move through the hose easier. Next, jam a bunch ... Read More »