How to Cleanse Your Web Copy of Jargon?

Answer Anyone who is in the writing industry, whether it's typing up B2B web copy or other items like Op/Ed essays, should consider how to cut out some of the more elaborate parts of their speech in order... Read More »

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What does UHF stand for in TV jargon?

UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency and represents the frequency of transmission that broadcasters use to transmit television signals. Different frequencies are used by different channels, known a... Read More »

How to Decode Computer Jargon?

Having trouble understanding some of the computer lingo? Look no further, as here is a quick list of the most commonly used phrases in computing.

What Does 10X50 Mean in Binocular Jargon?

People often get confused by the two numbers that describe binoculars, but they actually have a simple explanation. Memorizing this simple formula will make shopping for new optics much easier.

Do the copy machines in stores (like Wal-Mart or Walgreens) store all of your photos that you copy?

The kiosks save photo orders for 48hrs and then they're deleted. The printing machine deletes them after 48hrs as well. They do this just in case there's an issue and they need to resend or reprint... Read More »