How to Cleanse Your Colon Naturally Without Buying Colon Cleanser?

Answer Your colon was meant to be cleansed naturally by your diet, but sometimes it is hard to eat the right foods. Changing your eating and drinking habits can cleanse your colon naturally. Also, eating ... Read More »

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Can I do candida and colon cleanses naturally without buying expensive supplements?

I read alternative therapy books a lot, and from them I've learned a few things:1) Candida is a nasty conditions that causes a lot of problems.2) Most doctors don't awknowledge that it exists (and ... Read More »

What is the best&safest colon cleanser?

On One Hand: See Trained PersonnelThe best and safest way to cleanse your colon is to go to a trained colon-cleansing therapist who is licensed by a national organization, according to WebMD. The g... Read More »

What is the best colon cleanser on the market?

On One Hand: Benefits are UnprovenColon cleansing claims to remove fecal matter and toxins that accumulate in the large intestine and cause fatigue, headaches and low energy. It is practiced in two... Read More »

Can you eat before a colon cleanse?

It is generally acceptable to eat lighter fresh foods, such as fruit and green salads, and drink juices up to three to four hours before a colon cleanse. Avoid meats, dairy and heavier foods 24 hou... Read More »