How to Clean up Confetti?

Answer How to clean up confetti when somehow (and you swear it wasn't your fault) it gets all over a room.

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How to Clean up the Confetti After a Mess at Parties?

Almost everyone would relish being part of a party as it promises lots of great fun, entertainment and an enjoyable place to be in. Throwing a party for a special occasion will definitely bring peo... Read More »

Where did confetti come from?

Throwing confetti came from the tradition of throwing grains, including rice, over newlyweds to wish the couple a "fruitful" union. The word confetti has the same roots as confectionery, in Italia... Read More »

When did confetti first appear?

Confetti first appeared in 1891 in France during the Casino de Paris. Someone was taking down the decorations and decided to tear them apart and throw them at party guests the next evening. Guests ... Read More »

What Is Confetti Lucite?

Several types of Lucite jewelry, such as Moonglow Lucite and Granite Lucite, populate the fashion world. Lucite's ability to encase other materials is responsible for a type of Lucite known as Conf... Read More »