How to Clean up After a Fire?

Answer The remains of a fire can be a terrible eyesore on your property, and quite hazardous with all the broken glass, metal, and toxic ash. Cleaning it up is definitely an undertaking - but it is someth... Read More »

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How do I clean residue from a fire extinguisher?

Materials NeededObtain a soft rag or cloth, a bucket of water and noncorrosive soap; regular dish soap is appropriate.Preparing the Soap SolutionPlace a dime-size drop of soap at a time into a buck... Read More »

How do I clean fire sprinkler heads?

Use a VacuumPlug in your vacuum cleaner, and attach the dust brush. Carefully suck the debris from the sprinkler head and the surface around it. Take care not to knock into the sprinkler head.Use C... Read More »

How to Clean Fire Damaged Walls?

Fire leaves quite a mess for homeowners to clean up. Smoke from a fire leaves walls covered in soot and smelling smoky for a long time. You'll need to clean the walls, even if you plan to repaint y... Read More »

How to Clean Up Dried Chemicals From a Fire Extinguisher?

There are two types of dried chemicals used in fire extinguishers found in homes and offices: sodium bicarbonate and ammonium phosphate. Sodium bicarbonate chemical residue is nontoxic, noncorrosiv... Read More »