How to Clean up After a Fire?

Answer The remains of a fire can be a terrible eyesore on your property, and quite hazardous with all the broken glass, metal, and toxic ash. Cleaning it up is definitely an undertaking - but it is someth... Read More »

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How to Clean Up an Engine Compartment After Use of an ABC Fire Extinguisher?

A fire in the engine compartment is not only scary, it can easily cause major damage to the vehicle. In the event there is an engine fire, putting it out with an ABC fire extinguisher is the best c... Read More »

What happened after the US soldier left Vietnam after the cease-fire?

Why do we must wash the towel after usewe supose to be clean after shower right?

Yes! I wish I could get this info pounded into my son's head so he would use a towel more than once. YES ON THIS THEORY!!! I AGREE!!! I'M TIRED OF WASHING ALL OF MY TOWELS WITHIN 3 DAYS OF USE.

Can I put Rid-X in my drain after I use Liquid Fire?

On One Hand: No Known Chemical ReactionsThe information available for Liquid Fire drain cleaner and Rid-X septic treatment only cautions in regards to proper use. The mix of these products does not... Read More »