How to Clean the Throttle Body in the Audi A4?

Answer As your Audi A4 gets older, the parts can get dirtier and dirtier, eventually causing your A4 to seem to have major mechanical problems. When the throttle body is dirty, it can cause your car to ha... Read More »

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Audi Throttle Body Cleaning?

The throttle body on an Audi engine is located on the intake side of the motor. If the throttle body becomes dirty from engine oil and hydrocarbons, it can cause rough idling and poor throttle resp... Read More »

How to Clean a 1.8 T Throttle Body?

The 1.8T is a turbocharged four-cylinder engine made by the VW group that has been used in a variety of VWs and Audis. Like most modern, fuel-injected motors, the 1.8T utilizes a throttle body to d... Read More »

How to Clean a Throttle Body on an F-150?

Most vehicles do not need any fuel-injection maintenance until after they have surpassed the 75,000 mile threshold. After that point, your throttle body needs to be cleaned. After performing this m... Read More »

How to Clean a Throttle Body on a Car?

After years of service, gasoline gum build up, dirt and other foreign matter attach themselves to the throttle body fuel injection (TBI) unit walls and passages. This affects the unit's operation a... Read More »