How to Clean the Matted Hair Under the Eyes of a Maltese?

Answer The Maltese has a particularly high-maintenance coat. The low shedding, fine hair grows long if not cut and can easily tangle. Tangles and knots, if not attended to, can cause matting. Mats are un... Read More »

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How to Cut Maltese Hair Near the Eyes?

Like many small show breeds, Maltese dogs demand constant grooming. If you neglect your grooming duties with your Maltese, you may find its fur soon becomes a matted mess. Besides the matting and t... Read More »

What Can You Do for a Kitten's Matted Eyes?

Matted eyes in cats of any age are characterized by mucus-based or watery eye discharge, soreness, and the inability to open due to crusted and hardened seepage. While you need to take your kitten... Read More »

My 18 month old boy eyes matted **** i dont think its pink eye he has bad alleregies?

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Why is my cat's hair matted?

By nature, cats areattentive to grooming themselves. When a cat grooms, it spreads natural oils throughout its coat, keeping the fur shiny and smooth. Matted fur is typically the result of animal i... Read More »