How to Clean the MAF on a Lexus?

Answer Many car owners are aware that replacing your air, oil and fuel filters on a regular basis will help keep your car running smoothly and maintain fuel efficiency. Fewer people are aware of the mass ... Read More »

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How to Clean the Dash of a 2002 Lexus LS430?

The 2002 Lexus LS 430 is a smooth vehicle with a cherry wood interior. Once the outside of your vehicle is clean, it's time to tackle the inside. Over time, the dash may become dusty and covered wi... Read More »

How to Clean the Oxygen Sensors in a Lexus SC400?

Oxygen sensors are placed in the exhaust stream of an automobile, such as the Lexus SC400. The sensors sample exhaust gas and provide this information to the engine's computer which, in turn, adjus... Read More »

How to Clean a Lexus Air Mass Flow Meter?

The mass airflow, or MAF, sensor on your Lexus is a device used to measure the density and mass of air that enter your fuel injectors and your engine. On your Lexus the mass airflow sensor is mount... Read More »

How do I Clean an IACV in a 1997 Lexus ES300?

The 1997 ES300 is a mid-sized luxury sedan designed and manufactured by Toyota and sold under their Lexus name brand. The ES300 is equipped with an idle air control valve. The IACV controls the amo... Read More »