How to Clean the Limestone Facade of a Building?

Answer The right cleaning methods keep limestone stain-free and looking fresh. Limestone is a porous rock. When used for a building facade, it is exposed to the elements and may gather water or other envi... Read More »

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How to Clean Limestone With a Steam Vapor?

Limestone is a very long-lasting stone. It requires more maintenance than granite or marble, but some believe it gives their homes a more classical look than other stones. Limestone is a porous min... Read More »

Can steam vapor be used to clean limestone?

Limestone should not be cleaned with steam vapor unless the stone surface is completely sealed and honed. Due to its porous nature, the water emitted by steam vapor cleaning may seep into the pores... Read More »

How do I clean marble and limestone shower tiles?

SqeegeeRemove excess water from the tiles after each shower with the use of a squeegee. Water can enter natural stone tiles such as marble and limestone and stain them, so keeping the tiles as dry ... Read More »

How to Replace a Brick Facade on the Front of a House?

Old brick facades can easily become rundown over the years, and once a section of the surface begins to go, it is all too easy for the crumbling or rotting section to pull down other portions of th... Read More »