How to Clean the Keyboard on a Gateway MX6025?

Answer The Gateway MX6025 is a small, transportable notebook computer. Since a notebook is used while on the go, dust and outdoor debris can quickly accumulate on the keyboard, not to mention germs that a... Read More »

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Will a Gateway keyboard work on other computers?

Gateway keyboards are compatible with computers from other manufacturers. However, the other computer must support the same interface as the Gateway keyboard. Older keyboards use six-pin PS/2 inter... Read More »

How to Replace a Gateway T-1625 Keyboard?

There are dozens of reasons keyboards become defective. Maybe it's because of a coffee spill, a broken key, or any of countless other issues. If the keyboard on your Gateway T-1625 laptop is damage... Read More »

How to Replace a Keyboard on a Gateway MX7515?

If your Gateway MX7515 is no longer functioning because of broken keys, beverage spills or any other reason, replace it with a new one. If you are considering taking the laptop to a repair shop to ... Read More »

How to Remove a Gateway MX6956 Keyboard?

If you own a Gateway MX6956 laptop and you need to get inside it in order to diagnose a problem or replace broken parts, you're probably going to have to go through the keyboard. The keyboards on M... Read More »