How to Clean the EGR Valve in a Ford Focus SOHC Engine?

Answer The single overhead cam (SOHC) Ford Focus is a compact sedan equipped with an EGR valve. This valve is responsible for directing exhaust gases and fumes into the intake manifold to be cooled before... Read More »

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Is the 2000 Ford Focus 2 liter SOHC engine an interference engine?

The 2000 Ford Focus 2.0-liter SOHC engine is an interference engine. The timing-belt driven Focus 2.0 interference motor will suffer catastrophic engine failure should a timing belt snap at high RP... Read More »

How to Clean a Ford Focus IAC Valve?

The Engine Management System (EMS) on your Ford Focus uses the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve to adjust idle speed. This valve works in combination with other electrical components. However, carbon b... Read More »

How to Replace an Alternator on a Ford Focus 2.0 SOHC?

The Ford Focus can come with multiple types of engines, and the location of many components depends on the engine type. The 2.0 SOHC engine is one of the more common types. On this type of engine, ... Read More »

How to Change the PCV Valve on My 2001 Ford 4.0L SOHC?

The PCV valve on the 2001 Ford Explorer 4.0-liter single overhead cam (SOHC) engine is located in the back of the engine. You can reach it from the passenger side easier, though it is located near ... Read More »