How to Clean the Diodes on a Car Battery?

Answer Keeping the diodes or terminals on your car's battery clean is an essential part of basic car maintenance, along with keeping your tires full of air and your engine oiled. Diodes that are corroded ... Read More »

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Who makes Blu-ray diodes?

Blu-ray diodes are used as a source of light in Blu-ray disc players. Companies that manufacturer Blu-ray diodes are Sony, Sharp, Sanyo and Philips. The companies are also members of the Blu-ray Di... Read More »

Who invented diodes?

A London professor named Fredrick Guthrie discovered the basic functions of a thermionic diode in 1873, and rediscovered by Thomas Edison in 1880. In 1904, Sir John Ambrose Fleming, a professor and... Read More »

How to Wire Diodes?

A diode acts like a one-way valve for electricity. Connect the diode in one direction and current will flow through the diode. Connect the diode in the opposite direction and it will block the curr... Read More »

Characteristics of Diodes?

Diode lasers have revolutionized technology across the spectrum of the devices for entertainment, business and personal convenience. Everything from the way that opticians make eyeglasses to the wa... Read More »