How to Clean the Car After a Long Car Ride?

Answer You've just finished a long car trip, and your car looks like a tornado has hit it! The task of cleaning up this disaster may seem overwhelming, but when you do it properly, it gets done in no time... Read More »

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What can a minor (12-17yr old) do on a long plane ride and car ride?

I think there are a lot of things you can do, you can listen to music, watch movie and talk to others, or you can take chess to play or just reading many so many...

How to Have Fun During a Long Car Ride?

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How to Enjoy Yourself on a Long Bus Ride?

A long bus ride can get boring quickly. Whether it's the old woman sitting next to you sleeping, the 3 year-old boy throwing a tantrum in the back seat or 15 year-old girl across from you who won't... Read More »

How to Not Get Bored on a Long Car Ride?

If you are going on vacation or a long ride, read this article.