How to Clean the Bottom of an Iron?

Answer If your clothes iron is starting to drag as you move it, or if you notice residue on the bottom of your iron (also called the soleplate), it's time to clean your iron. Removing residue on the botto... Read More »

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How do you clean the bottom of an iron that sticks?

How to Clean the Bottom of a Stainless Steel Iron?

Most irons have an upper casing made of plastic and a steel soleplate. The soleplate is the part of the iron that gets hot, and once an iron is hot it can come into contact with all kinds of materi... Read More »

How do I remove gunk from an iron bottom?

Waxy SubstanceTurn the heat up to the highest setting if the substance that is under the clothes iron has a waxy texture. This will melt the wax and liquefy it. Quickly wipe the clothes iron on new... Read More »

Do you coat the bottom of a cast iron skillet before the first use?

On One Hand: You Must Coat It Before Using ItIf you buy a cast iron skillet that has not been pre-seasoned, you need to coat it prior to using it. You do this by applying a coat of shortening to th... Read More »