How to Clean the Black Side of Your Skateboard?

Answer The black stuff that resembles sandpaper on the top of your skateboard is called grip tape. This crucial part of the board provides traction, helping you keep your feet on the board and perform tri... Read More »

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How to Spring Clean Your Skateboard?

When spring has sprung, and the sound of skateboards is in the air, it's time to clean up the old board and get it running like new again. Here's how.

Why does your Black Decker infrawave Toast only on ONE side?

For bagels and English muffins; face the interior, cut side towards the burners. In the UK also bread is often prefered toasted on one side.

How do you reset your Black Decker Infrawave Toaster oven which is only toasting on one side?

Read the Black & Decker "User Guide" for the Infrawave Toaster oven. If the manual doesn't tell you how to reset it then you will have to call Black & Decker's Service Center for advice. If they ca... Read More »

How do I clean skateboard bearings?

Use a ratchet wrench or skate tool to remove the skateboard's wheels. Remove the bearings and take off their shields with an object like a paper clip or the head of a flat-head screw-driver.Spray t... Read More »