How to Clean out Your Pet Mouse Cage?

Answer This article will explain in detail of how to clean out your pet mouse cage and make sure your little mouse is happy and clean. It is very simple to do this. It may not be the most interesting thin... Read More »

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How to Set up a Mouse Cage?

The poor mouse at the pet store looks at you with its sparkling as is to say "Take me home!" Who could resist that furry face? So of course, you take it home. But - Oh no! You can't let your mouse ... Read More »

How to Clean Out a Mouse Nest in Your Car Heater?

When it gets cold outside, animals start looking for safe and warm places to nest. Mice, in particular can be a serious problem in your car. Often, they are found in borrowed into your cars heater ... Read More »

What is the best thing to clean the ball of your mouse with Mine is sticking horrible and bein slow and not?

How to Clean a Pet Rat Cage?

Quick instructions on how to thoroughly clean out your pet rats' cage. This should be done once a week.