How to Clean off Your Vanity Table?

Answer Is your room looking a little bad these days? Maybe someone told you to "clean that room!". Well, here's an idea to help with one part-- your vanity table.

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How to Build a Wooden Make Up Vanity Table?

A makeup vanity table is a place to apply and store makeup and accessories. By building a wooden vanity table, a person can save quite a bit of money over buying one at a store. Additionally, the l... Read More »

How do I clean this vanity?

Do u know a cleaner called Vim? I use it everywhere and it cleans wonderfully!

How to Clean a Marble Vanity?

A marble vanity is an attractive addition to a bedroom or bathroom area, and is found in many luxury homes. This marble is expensive, and maintaining it properly is necessary as you want to protect... Read More »

How do I clean a vanity sink?

Use White VinegarInsert the drain plug into the drain. Pour one cup distilled white vinegar into the sink, and run hot water until the sink is half full. Soak a sponge in this solution, and wipe do... Read More »