How to Clean off Oxidation From a Car's Finish?

Answer Oxidation occurs when air pollutants and radiation react with the pigments in your car's exterior paint. The oxidized layer dulls the finish, and takes on a grayish-white appearance as it builds up... Read More »

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How do I clean oxidation from gutters?

Pressure Wash the GuttersRent a pressure washer with a telescoping wand. Aim the pressure washer at the oxidation on the gutters, which looks like black streaks on the outside running through the p... Read More »

How to Clean Oxidation From Plastic?

Car owners can spend a lot of money on the appearance and maintenance of their cars. Unfortunately, oxidation on the plastic of your vehicle can ruin the entire look of your car. While there are e... Read More »

How to Clean Oxidation Off Polished Wheels?

Oxidation is a problem for some car wheels, particularly older car wheels. Both steel and aluminum wheels can oxidize in slightly different ways. The steel wheels will oxidize with red rust. Alumin... Read More »

How to Finish Acrylic Painting on Cars?

Cars take a lot of abuse, whether from small rocks dinging the paint or the buildup of contaminants from snow and rain that splash over the body. This kind of treatment can easily destroy a beautif... Read More »