How to Clean and Seal Tile & Granite?

Answer Granite and tile are both hard materials that are common choices for countertops, vanities and other areas that require strong, heat-resistant and easy-to-clean surface areas. Granite and tile can ... Read More »

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How do I seal granite tile countertops?

PreparationClean the granite tiles, using a wet sponge or rag and clean water. Some granite tile sealers require dilution with clean water (usually about 1 part sealer to 5 parts water), but many s... Read More »

Will a grout sealer work on granite tile to seal it?

Grout sealers and granite sealers are often one and the same. The key is to look for what is called an impregnating sealer, rather than a topical one. Since both grout and granite are porous, the s... Read More »

How do i clean water stains from granite tile?

Removing MoistureAllow darkened moisture marks on granite tile to evaporate. Since granite is porous, it absorbs some water; however, this moisture will gradually evaporate. Prevent your granite fr... Read More »

How to Clean & Seal Old Tile Floors?

Over time, old tile floors lose their original finish and seal, making them susceptible to stains, cracks and other damage. Unsealed tile floors are also more difficult to keep clean because they a... Read More »