How to Clean and Sanitize a Sponge?

Answer If you buy sponges cheaply or in bulk at the dollar store, you can use a fresh sponge every time you wash dishes.  With 30 sponges on hand, you only need to disinfect them once a month.  The belo... Read More »

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How to Clean & Sanitize a Blow Dryer?

Blow dryers are devices used to speed up the evaporation process of wet or damp hair by blowing hot or cool air. They are a necessary tool for hair stylists and also are found in most homes. With m... Read More »

How to Clean & Sanitize Pharm Stainless Steel?

Bio-pharm stainless steel is a type of stainless steel that is used to make hygienic stainless steel equipment and parts for the medical and food industries. The stainless steel is designed with st... Read More »

How to Sanitize & Clean Dirty Retainers & Invisaligns?

Invisalign aligners are made from non-porous plastic that helps prevent bacteria from multiplying on the surface. Other types of retainers are made from a more porous material that can trap bacteri... Read More »

How do I clean& sanitize an athletic water cooler?

Add 1 tsp. of unscented bleach and 1 squirt of dish soap to the cooler. Fill the rest with hot water. Scrub the walls and base of the cooler with a wash cloth, and drain the water out of the cooler... Read More »