How to Clean and Remove "Dust" from Under Screen of Motorola V3 RAZR?

Answer Annoyed at not being able to see clearly because of "dust"? Here's how to remove that dust.

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How to Remove a Motorola RAZR Housing?

Motorola RAZR cell phone users own a device known for its slender body and attractive design. However, the RAZR's casing can get a scratch or the screen can break. But t you have a pair of tweezers... Read More »

Can a Motorola Razr charger work on a Motorola Q?

Many modern Motorola chargers are compatible with multiple Motorola cell phones. You can use the Motorola RAZR charger to charge your Motorola Q, or even use the same generic charger for both phone... Read More »

How can I keep my plasma screen clean and dust free?

I had the dust problem with my plasma, which is wall mounted and I was scared to clean it incase I broke it. I now just use a Feather duster and it keeps it nice n shiney. My husband gets the hoove... Read More »

If you were to clean your computer screen with a duster would there be any Dust?

No. Ihate even the slightest blemish on my monitor.