How to Clean and Fillet a Northern Pike?

Answer The pike is an excellent eating fish. By removing the Y-bones you make a good meal even better. The technique for getting the Y-bones out of northern pike is easy. Learn the method and impress your... Read More »

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The Best Way to Clean Northern Pike?

Northern pike is often times avoided by anglers because of an abundance of small bones, called Y bones, that can be a choking hazard when consuming the flavorful fish. However, there is a rather si... Read More »

Are northern pike edible?

Northern pike are edible. They are common in most of the northern hemisphere. This species of pike typically averages 1 to 3 pounds but can weigh in excess of 20 pounds. Average length is 18 to 20 ... Read More »

Do northern pike bite at night?

Northern pike feed during the day. Therefore, most fisherman recommend fishing for northern pike in the morning or during the day. Northern pike may bite at night, but the best time to fish for the... Read More »

What eats a northern pike?

The northern pike is a feared predator in the waters it swims in, with no natural enemies once it reaches full size. The small hatchlings and immature pike are at risk of predation from larger fish... Read More »