How to Clean and Disinfect Ice Trays?

Answer Ice cube trays can become dirty from water spotting and general use. To clean off the water spots and disinfect them before reuse, try this easy method.

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How to Clean Oven Trays?

Many household ovens can be cleaned by turning on your oven's self-cleaning function. This cleaning method will not do much for the trays that are in your oven. Burnt food, grease and other grime c... Read More »

How do I clean plastic paint trays?

Remove Excess PaintPour leftover paint back into the can or scrape the paint into its original tube to eliminate waste. Use a paint stir stick to guide the paint into gallon cans. Always use a rubb... Read More »

How do I clean stove burner trays?

Remove the burners from the stove and lift out the burner trays. Make sure the stove is completely cool before touching the burners.Fill the sink with hot water and a small amount of dish soap. Sub... Read More »

How do I clean& disinfect a greenhouse?

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