How to Clean an Oxidized Battery Terminal?

Answer Oxidation and corrosion can reduce the cranking power of your battery. It can also drastically reduce the life of your battery, requiring premature replacement. There is no set service interval for... Read More »

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How to Clean Battery Terminal Corrosion?

Corrosion can form on the battery terminals and/or the battery cables in your car. Too much corrosion build up can cause battery connection problems. Corrision can be cleaned and removed, which sho... Read More »

How to Clean Oxidized Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is touted as a superior product due to its low maintenance requirements and lower upkeep costs. Although this is true, there are things that should be done annually to preserve its qua... Read More »

How to Clean Oxidized Plastic Headlights?

Oxidation of the plastic lens of car headlights reduces the distance the headlights light up the road. Replacement of these headlights can be very expensive, but repair is easy and inexpensive usin... Read More »

How to Clean Oxidized Electrical Wires?

Rusted wires may seem like junk to some, but with a little bit of hard work, they can be restored. When stripped of their protective coatings or overexposed to the elements, they need to be cleaned... Read More »