How to Clean an Ocarina?

Answer The ocarina is an oval or spherical wind instrument from ancient times. Design varies with some ocarinas having only four finger holes and others having up to 12. Ocarinas can be made of wood, meta... Read More »

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How to Buy an Ocarina?

We have all wanted to play that musical instrument know as an ocarina, but you can't buy them!

How do i use the wii ocarina?

Plug in your Nintendo Classic Controller for the Wii system into your Wii remote. Since the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was designed for the Nintendo 64 console, it is not compatible with the ... Read More »

How do I use the Ocarina Wii Channel?

Getting to ChannelsTurn on the Nintendo Wii by pressing the "Power" button located on the front of the console. Press the "A" button on the remote controller when prompted to go to the main "Channe... Read More »

How to Install "Ocarina"?

The Nintendo 64 title "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" tells the story of young adventurer Link, who must rescue the kidnapped princess, Zelda, from Gannondorf. Link must explore all of Hyrule Ki... Read More »