How to Clean an Oboe?

Answer Although you may not clearly see it, there is dirt all over the keys and spit all inside your regularly used oboe. You've got to clean it!

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How to Keep an Oboe Case Clean?

An oboe case can be difficult to keep clean, especially because the oils and the moisture from the oboe can create a mess when placed back inside the case. To prevent this, some basic maintenance o... Read More »

How to Play the Oboe?

An oboe looks similar to a clarinet, but it does not have a mouthpiece. It has a double reed, so while it is not easy to play, it has a beautiful and unique sound. Try this instrument out to get an... Read More »

How to Make Oboe Reeds?

The oboe is an instrument that requires a double reed and, unless you develop your own technique for making reeds, you will be at the mercy of each manufacturer's style. This could vary your sound ... Read More »

How to Transpose an English Horn to an Oboe?

The oboe and English horn are similar yet still have their differences. Both are similarly shaped, but differ in length; and both use double reeds, but differ in sound. They truly distinguish thems... Read More »