How to Clean an OTC Fuel Injector?

Answer The OTC Tools brand fuel injector on a vehicle needs periodic cleaning. The fuel injector is the system on a vehicle which combines gas with air and delivers the fuel throughout the vehicle. When i... Read More »

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How to Clean a CFI Fuel Injector?

Central fuel injection (CFI) is an economical system that is present in many family and commuter cars today. The CFI system utilizes only one fuel injector to introduce fuel to all cylinders of an ... Read More »

How Often Do I Clean the Fuel Injector?

You need to have your car's fuel injectors cleaned periodically. Newer, lower mileage cars warrant less frequent injector cleaning than older, higher mileage ones. Cleaning the fuel injectors will ... Read More »

Best Ways to Clean a Fuel Injector?

Having dirty fuel injectors can lead to unfortunate results for your engine. Clogged units on the engine can lead to misfires, poor performance and reduced ability. Badly clogged fuel injection uni... Read More »

How to Clean a Pressurized Fuel Injector?

Vehicle fuel injectors must remain in good condition; if they are dirty it can cause blockages. Blockages can make the engine become less economical, causing it to work less efficiently. Fuel injec... Read More »