How to Clean an LGB Train Track?

Answer Trains run better when the track is clean. Since LGB trains can be used outside, keeping the track clean is a regular maintenance job. Bugs, leaves and other debris will make their way onto your tr... Read More »

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How to Clean a HO Train Track?

More than simply guiding a model train along a predetermined path, HO scale rails also conduct the electrical current that makes a locomotive's wheels turn. Because those wheels also pick up the cu... Read More »

If I put my ear to a train track, what sound does an arriving train make against the rail?

it makes a sound like metal cables under tension are being cut and whipping arounddot put your ear to any old bit of track you dont know which one is live

How to Train to Run 400 Meters in Track?

The 400m in Track is one of the most commonly run races in track. If you can run the 400, you can run the 800, just with a few modifications. This is how.

If you stand on a train track do you get electrocuted?

yea, like 30 bazillion watts are running through those things. depends if the tracks are active or not though.