How to Clean an Intake Valve?

Answer Deposits form on the back or inside of intake valves because fuel is sprayed onto the hot valves. The build-up can cause emissions to increase and engine performance to decrease. With high gas pric... Read More »

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How to Clean Carbon From a 2004 Taurus Air Intake Valve?

The air intake valve, better known as the throttle body, has a CNC machined surface on the inside of the intake portion. This procedure has given the surface an extremely smooth surface so the air ... Read More »

What Is the Solonoid Valve on an Intake Manifold?

Cars rely on mechanical and electrical devices in order to run efficiently. Many of these parts play dual roles, or are electromechanical. A solenoid valve on the car's intake manifold is an exampl... Read More »

How to Remove a 302 Intake Manifold and a Valve Cover Gasket?

Ford's 302 engine was equipped with a pair of one-piece valve-cover gaskets and four intake manifold gaskets. Because the engine was designed in the mid-1960s, the valve cover gaskets were made of ... Read More »

How to Replace an Intake Manifold Runner Control Valve 96 Ford Windstar?

If you're van is throwing the code "Intake Manifold Runner Control Valve stuck open", this article will show you the easy, yet still correct, way to replace it. Just follow the steps below carefull... Read More »