How to Clean an Empire Thermocouple?

Answer In gas operated fireplaces and space heaters such as those manufactured by Empire Comfort Systems, a malfunctioning thermocouple could mean you're in for a cold night. A thermocouple operates as a ... Read More »

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What does a thermocouple do?

A thermocouple, which is made from two wires each made of a different metal, measures temperature by reading the voltage between the two wires. A formula allows for the conversion from volts to deg... Read More »

What causes your thermocouple to go out?

What is a thermocouple?

A thermocouple is a temperature sensor, or more precisely measures temperature differences between two locations. Because it uses only wire in the sensing, it can be useful for measuring extreme ho... Read More »

Why have both a thermopile and thermocouple?

If you mean "hot" as in "electrically live", this wall outlet is dangerous and should be investigated and repaired urgently by a licensed electrician.The reason is probably that the wire going into... Read More »