How to Clean an Armature?

Answer The Armature is an integral part of an electric bike's motor. It is located in the outer casing of the motor and can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning. Over time, the motor and its par... Read More »

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How to Clean a Motor Armature?

The armature of an electric motor, also known as the motor rotor, is a cylinder with a shaft running straight down the middle that is rotated by a magnetic field. Once the rotation has gained momen... Read More »

What is armature?

Armature has evolved from describing a coat of armor to how computer animations are able to move onscreen. It has transcended though the ages and has come to describe historic and current materials... Read More »

What is an armature in a motor?

In a motor, the armature is the pole piece of a permanent magnet that interacts with the field magnet. The field magnet creates an electric field that causes the armature to rotate on its axis.Refe... Read More »

How to Test a Starter Armature?

Nothing can be more frustrating than sitting in your vehicle and turning the key only to hear an annoying click or a dragging starter. Many times, the battery gets blamed, when in reality the probl... Read More »