How to Clean an Air Rifle?

Answer How to clean an air rifle's barrel without buying an expensive tool for it.

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The Best Way to Clean a Rifle After Shooting Corrosive Ammo?

Older military surplus rifles are still used for hunting, target shooting and home defense. Ammunition is plentiful and low-priced, and the firearms are normally quite accurate. Mercuric salt prime... Read More »

What size bore snake would you use to clean a 7.62x39 rifle?

To clean a 7.62x39 rifle, a .30-caliber bore snake should be used. The 7.62x39 was developed for the Russian military and is 7.62 millimeters. That is the same as a .30-caliber round.Source:GunCzar... Read More »

How to Own a Rifle?

Did you ever wonder what it takes to buy, own, store, maintain, and fire a rifle? Here are some steps to help you learn what it takes to be a responsible gun owner.

How to Sight In a Rifle?

Experienced hunters know that sighting-in a rifle is imperative to hitting a target. Rifles need to be sighted-in every time they are used, since sudden movements or jolts during transport or stora... Read More »