How to Clean an Air Intake Manifold?

Answer The air intake manifold is a crucial part on any car as it delivers the air into the combustion chamber, and allows the ignition of the fuel. Over time the inside of the air intake manifold may bec... Read More »

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How do I clean the air intake manifold?

Disconnect the HosesAdd an engine cleaner product of your choice to your gas tank. Remove the air cleaner or air intake hose. Spray intake cleaner inside the air intake hose, and ensure the vehicle... Read More »

How to Clean the Intake Manifold on a '98 Acura CL?

The burning of fossil fuels in your 1998 Acura CL propels you from point A to point B, but is eventually is going to cause your car to break down somewhere in the middle. The build up of carbon and... Read More »

How to Clean Carbon Out of an Intake Manifold?

Is your car hesitating, sluggish, idling rough or dieseling (continuing to run after being turned off)? It may be due to carbon deposits or buildup in the intake manifold. Cleaning out the carbon ... Read More »

How to Clean the Intake Manifold on a New VW Beetle?

The VW Beetle has been around for many years in one shape or another, and the new Beetles are better than ever. However, if your Beetle is beginning to sputter, miss, or "diesel" (continue to run a... Read More »