How to Clean an Air Filter on a Scooter/Moped below 150cc?

Answer This is designed to help the novice person clean the air filter on their scooter/moped to prolong engine life.

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The Best Way to Clean the Cabin Air Filter & Air Filter on Vehicles?

Cleaning an air filter rather than replacing it can save you money and reduce the volume of automotive waste products that harm the environment. Automotive filters are relatively easy to clean and ... Read More »

What is a hard lump forming below the main gum-line but below a molar that had caused pain but was not treated and now only tingles and could it be related to your pregnancy?

Answer Some changes to a womans pregnancy can be related to pregnancy but its best to see your doctor or dentist to be certain. Take care.

How fast is a 150cc scooter?

A 150cc scooter can reach a top speed of 60 mph.Source:150cc Scooters

How fast does a 150cc ATV go?

The maximum speed of a 150cc ATV is 37.3 mph. It has a top horsepower of 8.9 hp and a climbing ability of 35 degrees. It carries a maximum load of 220.5 lbs.References:Country Imports