How to Clean a Violin's Finger Marker?

Answer While violins might seem like pristine, immaculate, graceful instruments, they can still accumulate their share of dust, grease, rosin marks, smudges and dirt. If you're using finger markers to gui... Read More »

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How to Clean Marker Off Leather?

Non-toxic, permanent and other types of markers are OK for labeling boxes, folders and other containers, but marks from the markers are not OK on your leather coat, jacket or other leather object. ... Read More »

How do i clean off permanent marker?

Clean Permanent Marker From FabricDab the stain with a clean, soft cloth. Fresh stains are easier to remove than older, set-in stains. Lift as much of the stain with the clean cloth as possible by ... Read More »

How to Clean Marker off a Doll?

Sometimes the drawn-on doll's face is inevitable; the love of drawing combined with the curiosity of seeing how a new look might improve dolly can be irresistible. Here is how to rescue the doll's ... Read More »

How do you clean off permanent marker off book?

Poor little bit of vinegar around the permanent spot and get a sponge and start dabbing bits and bits of it until u cover whole permanent spot with vinegar then rinse your sponge in soap water then... Read More »