How to Clean a Varnished Model Aircraft Engine?

Answer Varnish can build up over time on the inside and outside of a model airplane engine. This varnish creates a layer of film on the engine that traps heat, clogs valves, air filters and carburetors an... Read More »

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How to Clean Varnished Wooden Chairs?

Known for their stability and versatility, solid wood chairs complement any home décor. Coating wooden chairs with varnish protects the exterior from wear and damage, allowing them to remain beaut... Read More »

How to Clean Varnished Hardwood Floors?

Varnish adds a nice glow to your hardwood floors, but it can pose problems when the time comes to clean them. If you use harsh cleaning chemicals on the floor, they might stain or fade the varnish,... Read More »

How to Clean Varnished Gas From Tank Lines?

When old gasoline is left in the fuel tank of your motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle or lawn mower it can cause a gunk-like varnish to form on the inside of your tank. This varnish can clog your fuel... Read More »

Can I fly my model aircraft on the beach?

According to R/C Airplane World, flying remote-controlled model airplanes in public places, like parks and beaches, is generally acceptable in the United States. Be careful and mindful of others ar... Read More »