How to Clean a Trumpet?

Answer You have a trumpet, but don`t know how to oil the valves or clean it. Just look below.

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How to Clean a Silver Plated Trumpet?

Buying a quality trumpet is an exciting investment for a musician. It can immediately make playing music much more pleasurable. Many professional trumpets are silver-plated, so it is important that... Read More »

How to Clean Your Trumpet or Cornet Mouthpiece?

This should be performed once every other week.

Is This a Trumpet or No?

To me it sounds nothing like a trumpet, but sounds more like a synth sound, or an electronic generated sound. It could be a sonic-manipulation of a string sound, or even an effect on a synth pad.I ... Read More »

How to Play the Trumpet?

This guide will teach you how to play the trumpet in ten easy steps! Be able to show off to your friends, join a band, or just play for fun! Playing the trumpet is a hobby that will last a lifetime... Read More »