How to Clean a True Flow Air Filter?

Answer A car's air filter helps prevent any dust, dirt or other airborne items from becoming lodged in the engine. A clean air filter helps the car perform better and can actually increase the gas millage... Read More »

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How to Clean a True Flow Filter?

True Flow manufacturers foam air filters, designed to give you the best combination of filtration and airflow. Remove the air filter every 30,000 miles for cleaning. After cleaning it, you must re-... Read More »

Which way does oil flow through an oil filter?

In an engine, oil flows from the oil sump through the outer portion of the bottom of the oil filter and then out through the center to oil passages, which take oil to different parts of the engine.... Read More »

How to Install a Media Filter Correctly for Proper Air Flow?

Media filters are commonly used in air-handler units, such as an HVAC unit or furnace. Media filters use a mixture of sand, crushed granite and other materials to filter out the dirt and debris, as... Read More »

How to Replace the Mass Air Flow Filter Sensor on a Buick Century?

It sounds technical and intimidating. It has tripped the check engine light a couple of times on your Buick Century and is now affecting the performance of the engine. It's an expensive component t... Read More »