How to Clean a Trane Condensate Pipe?

Answer Clogged Trane air conditioner condensation drains prevent the air conditioner from removing humidity from the home and decrease the efficiency of the air conditioning unit. Clogged air condensate p... Read More »

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How do I clean a condensate pump?

Cleaning a Condensate PumpGather materials, such as bleach, bucket, screwdriver, dishwashing liquid, cloth and rubber gloves. Remove the outer casing of the pump by using the screwdriver to unfas... Read More »

How to Clean an HVAC Condensate Line?

You may spend money having your air conditioning condensate drain line unclogged by a service technician. This is unnecessary because if you have rudimentary do-it-yourself experience, you can clea... Read More »

How do I clean my trane filters?

Trane filters are available in a wide range of filtration for particles from the air. TraneEffects filters can be cleaned and re-used.Vacuum and RinseTrane filters should be cleaned every three to ... Read More »

How to Clean Trane Xe60 AC Coils?

Clean Trane Xe60 AC coils yearly to prevent clogging and poor air circulation. Reduced airflow means the air conditioner will work harder and use more electricity. Proper maintenance and cleaning w... Read More »