How to Clean a Swimming Pool Filter?

Answer As a pool owner, have you ever struggled with keeping your pool water clean, clear and blue? If so, you are not alone. Many people have this problem and can simply solve the condition of their wate... Read More »

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How to Clean a Cartridge Type Swimming Pool Filter?

Cleaned filter, ready to reinstall. This filter has only been used once, after multiple cleanings, they do become stained.Above ground swimming pools offer a lot of fun and exercise in the summer t... Read More »


Yes, the sand filter will need to be in a separate tank. You can either build one yourself or use a plastic tank. Just be sure to keep it and the chlorinator running or drain the pool between uses.

How to Change the Swimming Pool Filter Sand?

There are different types of swimming pool filters. Some models are equipped with "sand filters" to keep the swimming pool water clean. Over time, however, the sand degrades and must be changed to ... Read More »

How do you increase water pressure on a swimming pool filter?

Answer Is this pressure of water going in a filter or pressure of water coming out a filter?Do you mean increase the flow of water? An increase in the filter pressure alone without going to a large... Read More »