How to Clean a Sobakawa Pillow?

Answer The Sobakawa Pillow company makes soft, fluffy pillows filled with goose down. While goose down pillows may be comfortable, if you don't know what techniques are acceptable to use to clean them, th... Read More »

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How do I clean a bed pillow?

I'm assuming this is polyester filled:…Add 1/2 cup borax to the wash, with detergent, and 1 c white vinegar to the final rinse. If you've got a front loa... Read More »

How to Clean Pillow Foam?

Bed pillows should be reassessed yearly for their worthiness to remain on your bed. If you decide that your foam pillow still has more life in it during its annual inspection, it should be cleaned ... Read More »

How do I clean a down pillow?

Place the down pillows in a washing machine, taking care not to overfill the washer. Select the gentlest cycle and add the smallest amount of detergent recommended on the label. Front-loaders may b... Read More »

How to Clean Pillow Top Mattresses?

General cleaning and maintenance of pillow top mattresses is as uncomplicated as a light coat of spray disinfectant and monthly vacuuming. Monthly vacuuming fluffs the pillow top and removes skin t... Read More »