How to Clean a Small Pet Cage?

Answer Thorough and frequent cleaning of your pet's cage helps to keep your pet healthy and safe from bacterial or fungal infections. It also ensures that your pet's cage is not unpleasant for them to liv... Read More »

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How to Clean a Small Rodent's Cage?

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How to Make an Outdoor Cage for Small Animals?

Small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters enjoy and may benefit from being able to spend some time outdoors. Although leashes and harnesses can be made to fit small animals, these items ar... Read More »

How to Clean a Pet Rat Cage?

Quick instructions on how to thoroughly clean out your pet rats' cage. This should be done once a week.

How to Clean a Bar Cage?

While bar cages can house a variety of pets, they are most commonly associated with birds. No matter what type of animal you keep in a bar cage, however, they are easy to clean. While mammal debris... Read More »