How to Clean a Sewage Line?

Answer Sewage lines in homes run from the various water fixtures down through wall and floor cavities to the cellar/buildup area, where they become visible. If using this area of the house regularly, the ... Read More »

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How do I clean a sewage spill?

PreparationPut on a pair of safety goggles, rubber gloves, waterproof work boots and long pants. Remove any pets or children from the area of the house or yard where the spill has occurred.Cleaning... Read More »

How to Clean a Draught Beer Line?

As a pub or bar manager, it is important to make sure your beer lines are clean. Clean lines ensure not only that there is no bacteria in the pipes, they also improve the taste of the beer and keep... Read More »

How to Clean an HVAC Condensate Line?

You may spend money having your air conditioning condensate drain line unclogged by a service technician. This is unnecessary because if you have rudimentary do-it-yourself experience, you can clea... Read More »

Can you use polyethylene tanks for sewage?

Properly designed polyethylene tanks are well suited for handling sewage. Polyethylene is durable and resistant to corrosion from chemicals in sewage or in soil. Polyethylene is a commonly used mat... Read More »