How to Clean a Septum Piercing?

Answer You are going to need to clean your septum piercing. Unclean septum piercings could lead to serious infection and risks for your health.

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Can i use smoked sea salt to clean my septum piercing?

Alcohol is really bad for your piercing while it's healing! I don't thinkthat salt is suitable. I suggest you to buy a clear sea salt. Not smoked sea salt!

Piercing help! Septum?

Kosher salt is fine :) .. it's basically the same as sea salt but with bigger grains and no additives.

Can I change my septum piercing yet?

You should wait until about 6 weeks to change it out. This will insure the center of the piercing is healed. The white part you're referring to is the beginning of the fistula that will surround th... Read More »

Septum piercing PLEASE HELP !!!!?

Yes, I went through the same thing when I got my septum pierced. It's refereed pain, should go away soon. My nose wasn't stuff though after, perhaps your piercer hit a nerve or something when perfo... Read More »