How to Clean a Schnauzer's Beard?

Answer Schnauzers have a scruffy topcoat and a soft undercoat, with distinctive characteristics such as feathery eyebrows and beards. The beards often become dirty, matted and discolored. Stains appear du... Read More »

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How to Clean a Rash Caused by Shaving Your Beard?

Those unattractive, irritating red bumps that form on the face after shaving are due to inflamed and infected hair follicles or a rash known as pseudofolliculitis barbae. This condition, also refer... Read More »

How to Breed Schnauzers?

Schnauzers are intelligent, highly energetic working dogs that come in miniature, standard and giant sizes. They are highly social dogs that are good with children when they're trained properly. Co... Read More »

Schnauzers & Cortisol?

Cortisol is a naturally occurring steroid in dogs, and is important for overall health. In schnauzers, there are some health issues that can be caused or aggravated by cortisol imbalances.

How to Fly With Miniature Schnauzers?

Taking a schnauzer with you on a move, business trip or vacation can be confusing if it is the dog's first airline trip. There are specific needs and rules associated with traveling with your pet s... Read More »