How to Clean a Scanner to Prevent Dust Specks?

Answer Dust naturally accumulates on a flatbed scanner's glass and can distort scanned images as well as scratch the glass surface if the glass is not routinely cleaned. Although dust will inevitably appe... Read More »

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When we use the dishwasher the dishes come out mostly clean but with black specks stuck to them What is this and how do we get rid of it?

hubert cecil booth invented the first vacume cleaner,in 1901. posted by- Whitney S.L Baughmanit was invented in 1860 by David Hess and you can take that to the bank people

How to Prevent Brake Dust Buildup?

Brake dust buildup is one of those annoying things that can be frustrating to prevent and can make the alloy wheels on your car look dingy. And if brake dust is left on your wheels long enough with... Read More »

How to Prevent Brake Dust From Damaging Wheels?

Your car's braking system uses brake pads or shoes that press against a rotor or drum, slowing your car by applying friction. In the process, the brake's friction material wears and produces a dust... Read More »

How do i clean with a dust mop?

Hold the broom in front of you with the dust mop head on the floor. Push the mop in front of you, using the pivoting handle to push the mop head under furniture and around obstacles.Allow dirt, tra... Read More »